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Bitcoin eyed as feds crack down on online money laundering
The takedown of Liberty Reserve, which authorities described as a multibillion-dollar online money-laundering operation, raises the question whether Bitcoin could evolve into an alternative for cybercriminals. The U.S. attorney’s office in New York
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Digital currency firms adopting laundering rules
It was a further wake-up call for those involved in digital currencies, such as the most prominent,Bitcoin, that they need to comply with anti-money laundering rules or risk facing a crackdown. They had already been put on notice — first by an April
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Reddit now enables sitewide bitcoin tipping
Reddit users can now use the site’s bitcointip bot to offer a financial thumbs-up to fellow redditors on any subreddit. Previously, the feature worked only on the Bitcoin subreddit. However, now redditors anywhere on the site can use the mention
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Bitcoin drops anonymous promise for non-Bitcoin transactions
iTech Post
It appears the international raid on Liberty Reserve, a virtual currency allowing for anonymous transactions, has inspired Bitcoin’s biggest exchange, Mt. Gox, to change a few rules around trading the increasingly popular virtual currency.
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You can now tip Bitcoin to other users across Reddit using a cool new hack
The Next Web
Among its fans and believers, the good ship Bitcoin sails on. To that end, folks over at Reddit have experimented and created a new way to tip Bitcoin to other users of the social website. Reddit recently introduced a system by which users can ‘mention
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Andresen returns 726 BTC to privacy organisation
On behalf of the Bitcoin Faucet, Gavin Andresen has returned 726 bitcoins (approximately $95,000) that were in limbo to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) – a non-profit organisation that defends free speech, privacy and consumer rights – after a
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ForexMinute Analyzes Anyoption That Offers Top Notch Bitcoin Options Trading (press release)
ForexMinute, a renowned online Forex portal, analyzes Anyoption™ Bitcoin options trading. ForexMinute’s speculations regarding Bitcoins‘ acceptance around the world among the online Forex and binary options bitcoins brokers is coming true. Recently
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